jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011


Since I started to blogging and flying around the blogosphere I dreamt about wearing a super nice killer heels.

Well, after a long time I decided to go for it and got not one but two pairs, in black (80mm) and in Klein Blue (100mm).

But to be honest I'm not like a model in the runway when I have to walk in these, so I have some SERIOUS training to do considering that I wear flats almost all the time and my only pair of heels are not so high (the grey ones on the photo, 50mm)

My plan is to practice a lot, so I started with the black pair, and I have to say that is not so complicated, but with the blue pair I feel a little clumsy yet.
The (I hope so) debut will be  in the blue ones for Christmas Eve, and  I really hope not look like a giraffe in skates.

Oh my Lord. 

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